Interim Report Safeture AB Q3 2023

The third quarter was a typical “summer quarter”. The number of opportunities was promising but didn’t materialize to the extent we wanted, bringing the Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) to 50,3 MSEK, an increase of +26% year-on-year. Due to a higher order intake in Q2, sales increased by 35% from Q3 last year, reaching 12,4 MSEK. The Net Revenue Retention (NRR) was 113%, of which quarterly churn was a mere 0,5 %. A very healthy number.

Jessica Eberhagen ny CFO på Safeture 

SaaS-bolaget Safeture AB i Lund, har anställt Jessica Eberhagen som ny CFO, med tillträde den 1 januari. Jessica Eberhagen kommer att ansvara för strategisk finansiell planering, leda den dagliga verksamheten inom finansområdet och vara en viktig medlem i ledningsgruppen.

Jessica Eberhagen new CFO at Safeture

Safeture AB, a SaaS (Software as a Service) company in Lund, Sweden, today announced the appointment of Jessica Eberhagen as the new CFO, effective January 1st. Jessica Eberhagen will have responsibility for strategic financial planning, leading day-to-day operations within the areas of finance, and will be a key member of the executive team.

Andreas Granath ny CRO på Safeture

SaaS-bolaget (Software as a service) Safeture AB i Lund har anställt Andreas Granath som ny CRO (chief revenue officer) på företaget. Granath kommer närmast från en roll som Director Customer Success Nordic på Qlik.