Safeture tecknar nyckelavtal med Insured Nomads

Safeture har ingått ett avtal med Insured Nomads, det första insurtech-företaget som fokuserar på distansarbetare, ”digitala nomader”, expats och resenärer. Inledningsvis löper avtalet över tre år och ger Safeture 500 000 USD plus ytterligare intäkter som bygger på antalet användare. Från och med den 1 april kan USA/EU-baserade Insured Nomads, med hjälp av Safetures teknik, erbjuda […]

Safeture signs new deal with Insured Nomads, a global insurtech for the new normal

Safeture has entered into an agreement with the U.S./EU corporation Insured Nomads, the first insurtech company focused on remote workers, digital nomads, expats, and travelers. As of now, Insured Nomads, with the help of Safeture’s technology, can offer and extend policyholders with an upgrade of benefits and services suited to the needs of the new […]

A unique service launched today to protect employees and organizations from Corona’s global spread

Press release Lund 200227 Safeture launches today a world-first Coronavirus exposure tracker for companies that, in real-time, correlates each employee’s travel patterns with the latest Covid-19 reported cases. The tool tracks daily Corona exposure into 5000 global subregions and in real-time checks with your employee’s historical, current, and future locations using both real-time GPS tracking […]