GWS is looking for a Product Marketing Specialist

GWS is looking for a Product Marketing Specialist with an interest in how technology can improve people’s lives Do you understand and love the digital marketing landscape? Do you know how to create impactful messages that generates new business? Are you a skilled tech-savvy, product marketer with experience from B2B, we want to meet you! […]

How a mobile app can keep you safe during a terrorist attack

There have been many terrorist attacks around the world, coupled with intense worldwide media interest, leaving many people feeling uncertain about traveling. However, this is not reflected in the number of people traveling, as the travel industry is not slowing down. New research from WTTC shows that global travel and tourism continues to grow, despite […]

Rio de Janeiro – should you be afraid to go?

  In many ways the timing for hosting the Olympic Games could hardly be worse for Brazil. A multitude of security issues and concerns seems so be leading up to a perfect storm, at least according to many news outlets. The country is grappling with the Zika outbreak which has affected millions, while at the […]

Earthquake and Tsunami in New Zealand, 2016

New Zealand often experiences earthquakes and tsunamis; however, this fact hasn’t deterred travelers from visiting the country. This part of the world situated on the Pacific Ocean’s Ring of Fire has caused 90% of the world earthquakes, and roughly 59% of the world’s tsunamis. Locals are often prepared and know how to react during an […]

Mobile Apps and Counter Terrorism

The number of high profile terrorist incidents around the world have left people feeling uncertain about traveling. Regardless, many people are still traveling, resulting in a growing travel security market. Mobile apps are becoming a popular choice, as they are designed for personal travel security, without the large cost. Providing vital information in these situations, […]

GWS: White paper

How can mobile apps help travelers stay safe during a media shutdown? Travelers are often advised to monitor local media outlets; however, what should travelers do when local media is considered not free? Safeture, a mobile app, was able to keep travelers informed during the failed coup d’état in Turkey. Users were able to avoid […]

How to stay informed during a media shutdown

After the failed coup d’état in Turkey on July 15th, Turkey’s government, and its institutions are now starting to normalize, even though the after effects are still being felt. The seriousness of this event asks many travelers and locals alike, how do you stay safe and informed during a media shutdown?

There’s an app for that! Duty-of-Care and business travel

Security risks are an ever present factor when you travel. After the latest’s terror attacks in Europe many are understandably worried. Depending on where you travel natural disasters, crime and diseases are also a cause for concern, and business travelers are no exception. Still, global business travel is currently a $1.2 trillion market, and it […]

Stay safe during the Games

The world’s eyes are to a great extent focused on Rio the Janeiro and the fantastic event that soon is to take place there. Media all around the world is monitoring the Games, and a lot of people will go to Rio and be a part of what’s happening there the coming month. Here are […]

Säkra tips inför OS

Världens ögon riktas nu mot Rio de Janeiro och det fantastiska event som kommer att äga rum där inom kort. Media runt om i världen bevakar OS och många människor kommer att resa dit för att ta del av allt som händer där den kommande månaden. Då kan det vara på sin plats med sista-minuten-tips […]