Board members, management and other employees acquire warrants

On 19 May 2022, the Annual General Meeting of Safeture AB (publ) (“Safeture” or the “Company”) resolved, following proposals from the Board of Directors and the Nomination Committee respectively, to adopt two long-term incentive programs consisting of warrants. One incentive program for the Board members of the Company, and one incentive program for the management […]

A partnership set to enhance travelers’ safety

The strategic partnership between Safeture and Securewest International will provide employees with a leading safety app, real-time risk information, and access to a global response and assistance center when safety and security have never been more critical. Safeture, the Swedish-based SaaS company, has recently signed a partnership agreement with Securewest International, a prominent provider of […]

One more central bank to use Safeture platform

Falck Global Assistance, a risk management partner to Safeture, has signed a new agreement with another major central bank in Europe. The agreement is part of a four-year framework regarding travel risk management for the European Central Bank (ECB) In January, with its partner Falck Global Assistance, Safeture won a public procurement for a four-year […]

Safeture AB offentliggör prospekt med anledning av företrädesemissionen

Styrelsen för Safeture AB, org. nr. 556776-4674, (”Safeture” eller ”Bolaget”) offentliggör idag, den 20 oktober 2022, prospekt med anledning av Bolagets kommande företrädesemission av aktier, vars teckningsperiod inleds den 28 oktober 2022 (”Företrädesemissionen”). Prospektet har idag godkänts och registrerats av Finansinspektionen och kommer att finnas tillgängligt på Finansinspektionens ( webbplats. Prospektet hålls från och med […]

Safeture delivers above growth target – on track towards profitability

Interim Report – Q3 2022 Annual recurring revenue (ARR) growth of 34% to 40,1 MSEK. Recurring revenue amounts to 9,2 MSEK compared to 6,6 MSEK last year (+39%). Gross margin % in Q3 improves to 74%. Operative result improves with +2,5 MSEK compared to last year. Bottom-line result at -31% of net sales compared to […]

Safeture AB has appointed the Nomination Committee for the AGM 2023

Safeture AB (publ) has appointed its Nomination Committee for the Annual General Meeting 2023 in accordance with the Instruction for the Nomination Committee. The Nomination Committee consists of: Greg Dingizian, Agartha AB, Sweden; Collin McBirney, Topline Capital LP, USA; Wilhelm Pettersson, Ninalpha AB, Sweden; and Flemming Breinholt, Chairman of the Board, Safeture AB (publ). Shareholders […]

New order for Safeture’s platform

Exlog Global, a risk solution partner to Safeture, has signed a new agreement with a large US-based engineering company to integrate Safeture’s platform as part of a global travel risk program. This program enables the client to protect what matters most – their people. This deal reflects the pivot and new appetite for organizations to […]

Safeture takes a major step into the French market  

Safeture AB has signed a partnership agreement with Amarante International, one of France’s leading providers of security advisory and management services. Through the agreement, Safeture has quickly gained several new customers. Large companies such as Airbus, Lufthansa and Corsair, part of TUI, will be able to access Safeture technology in the future. The innovative platform […]

Safeture partnering with Falck Global Assistance & Aeger Group wins agreement with Innovation Norway

Safeture in partnership with Falck Global Assistance & Aeger Group has secured a two-year public procurement agreement regarding employee safety and travel risk management for Innovation Norway. Established in 2004, Innovation Norway is a state-owned company that offers capital, programs, and services to strengthen and stimulate entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainable growth for Norwegian businesses and […]

Safeture keeps momentum and continues to deliver in line with targets.

 Interim Report – Q2 2022 Annual recurring revenue (ARR) growth of 29% to 37,3 MSEK. Recurring revenue amounts to 8,7 MSEK compared to 6,5 MSEK last year (+33%). Gross margin % in Q2 improves to 73%. Operative result improves with +1,3 MSEK compared to last year. Bottom-line result at -48% of net sales compared to […]