The management group

The management group at Safeture has the operational responsibility of the company.

Meet the executives

Magnus Hultman

Chief Executive Officer

Magnus Hultman (b.1974) studied economics at Lund University. In addition to being founder and CEO of Instadia Sweden (acquired by Omniture), Hultman has worked as investor and head of sales at Videoplaza (acquired by Ooyala), founder and CEO of Smartclip Nordics (acquired by RTL), and most recently co-founder and CEO of Strossle International, Sweden’s second fastest growing company in 2018. Nominated as founder of the year in Sweden 2017. Magnus Hultman has been CEO of Safeture since August 2019.

Holdings in the Company: Magnus Hultman owns 504,380 shares privately and via his own company, as well as 270,000 warrants.

Andreas Larsson

Chief Technology Officer

Andreas Larsson (b.1978) studied computer science at Lund University and has previously worked as chief architect and software manager at MultiQ. Before that, Larsson founded, together with Andreas Rodman, Bokks AB. Andreas has been CTO of Safeture since 2014.

Holdings in the Company: Andreas Larsson privately owns, via close relatives and companies, 14,524 shares.

Jessica Eberhagen

Chief Financial Officer

Jessica Eberhagen (b. 1979) studied Business Administration and Finance at Lund University. Eberhagen has a long-standing background in several industries, such as Medical-, Telecom as well as the Energy industry. Eberhagen has over 15 years of experience in various business controller- and leadership assignments at large multinational enterprises such as Baxter, Sony, Alfa Laval, Mobile Communications and EON. Jessica joined Safeture as CFO in January 2024.

Holdings in the Company: Jessica Eberhagen owns 1,500 shares and 25,000 warrants in Safeture.

Jonas Brorson

Chief Marketing Officer

Jonas Brorson (b. 1964) studied political science at Lund University, as well as journalism at both Södra Vätterbygdens FHS in Jönköping and North Western University in Chicago, USA. He has a background in journalism and has worked for many years in newspapers, TV and Swedish Radio. He has been news manager, communications manager and strategic brand manager at, among others, HD-Sydsvenskan. Jonas has worked as CMO at Safeture since 2018.

Holdings in the Company: Jonas Brorson owns 20,000 shares in Safeture and 82,000 warrants.

Jonas Bjurhult

Chief Product Officer

Jonas Bjurhult (b.1978) has a master’s degree in computer engineering from Lund University and has many years of experience in software development in the telecom and security industry. Jonas has been CPO at Safeture since 2021, and before that has held several other roles since he started at the company in 2015.

Holdings in the company: Jonas Bjurhult owns 85,668 shares and 32,000 warrants.

Andreas Granath

Chief Revenue Officer

Andreas Granath (b.1966) studied economics at Lund University. Granath has a long-standing background in the IT and Software industry and has had leadership assignments at HP, ReadSoft, Medius and Qlik during his career. Most recently, Andreas was the Director of Customer Success in North EMEA for Qlik. Before that, he served as the International SVP Sales at Medius and Global VP of Corporate Sales at ReadSoft. At HP he had a number of management roles both internationally and in Sweden, with his last assignement as Director for HP Sweden’s largest business unit for servers, network and storage. Andreas started as CRO at Safeture in October 2023.

Holdings in the Company: Andreas Granath owns 25,000 warrants in Safeture.