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GWS, Global Warning System, addresses the growing need to protect people who are travelling, by locating and providing valuable real-time information about disasters and other threats. In a brief time span, the company entered into agreements with G4S as well as ERV (Europeiska), and this report gives a comprehensive overview of the business operations and the future prospects.
Briefly about Global Warning System – GWS

Personal safety is a growing market segment in today’s information society, with few complete safety solutions. Warnings from governmental authorities about threats and disasters typically are sent out primarily via TV and radio, a method which from a time perspective means that people in the danger zone have found it difficult to be notified sufficiently quickly enough. GWS provides a mobile-based personal security service for private individuals as well as companies that want to protect their employees when they are travelling abroad. Via the GWS service – Safeture – the user is informed in real time. In the Board of Director’s judgment, GWS is the global technological leader within this field. The company was founded in 2009, triggered by experience from a global SARS epidemic, the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and the Mumbai terror attacks, where people could have been warned earlier and given more information.

Some words from CEO Andreas Rodman

GWS has quickly taken a leading position in a growing market potentially worth billions in the future. The basic work that has been carried out since the company was founded has meant that we work from a stable platform. Thus, we have also made it possible to be able to quickly and efficiently roll out the business internationally, something which already has enabled us to reap the first big rewards – the global agreements signed with ERV and G4S.

Regarding the above agreements, it is important to point out that there is a certain shift, before the new forms of cooperation are initiated with all “components” being in place.Thus, while we expect to see the major impact in terms of revenue in 2016 and beyond, we estimate that already by the final quarter of 2015, we will see revenues positively affected.It is also important to point out that for both ERV and G4S, we are their exclusive supplier.Overall, the above parties are of such importance that GWS, via a successful partnership, takes a big leap and makes it realistically possible to be able to shortly become one of the world’s largest providers of mobile–based, personal security services.By means of the agreement with ERV, we have acquired a customer base of approximately 7,000,000 consumer users and thus have achieved our goal by a wide margin, which was to reach 2,000,000 within one year from the completion of our listing on First North.

By having established a partnership with the above companies, we have proven that our concept is sustainable.This is important not least because two global players now have shown the way, which is advantageous for us and will facilitate our contacts with future customers.Regarding G4S and ERV, I would also like to mention that we, in connection with the integration process, will adapt our platform in order to make implementation of future integrations with new customers easier.

We are at the beginning of an international expansion. Our objective is of course that our existing contracts will grow over time, while at the same time we intend to continue to maintain a high pace in the ongoing expansion efforts and establish connections with additional partners within other vertical markets and regions. A significant factor in this work is that growing user volumes do not impact our cost structure to a substantial extent, which thus means that a significant leverage effect can arise with the rapid growth of the number of users. With the work we have already accomplished, and with the agreements we have entered into, GWS is well positioned as we have now take the leap into a more sales-oriented phase.

Focus set on global expansion – agreements signed with two giant international players

In recent months GWS has entered into strategic partnerships with both G4S and ERV (Europeiska), which opens up two important segments in the company’s work with a planned expansion: the security sector and the insurance industry. For GWS, the purpose of the agreements is primarily to reach a wide audience with the company’s Safeture service.

In late April, it was announced that together with G4S, GWS signed a global agreement in order to jointly address the global market for personal security solutions – with GWS’s Safeture Business Solution service. The signed agreement is mutually exclusive and includes a business model for revenue sharing. The agreement is a significant milestone for GWS’s market development. The short-term revenues are difficult to project, whilst the Board of Directors of GWS believes that the long-term impact of the partnership puts the company in a position that allows it to benefit from a significant portion of this growing future market worth billions.

ERV (Europeiska)
In June, GWS signed an agreement with ERV, one of the largest specialised companies in Europe for personal and business travel insurance. In brief, the agreement means that ERV launches GWS’s app and travel safety information to its policyholders based on GWS’s Safeture service, which is supplemented by ERV specific content. ERV will be offering its customers the service as a part of its travel insurance offer.

The initial guaranteed value of the contract of SEK 15 million, encompasses the development and operation of a first roll-out of an app based on Safeture’s technology to initially approximately seven million policyholders. GWS’s goal is to continue to grow from the initial seven million subscribers, via ERV’s global operations, in order to further expand its user base. The Board of Directors also sees opportunities to expand the cooperation to activities outside of Europe. To give an idea of the size of the company, one of the things that can be mentioned is that they are part of Munich Re, which has a turnover of approximately SEK 450 billion annually and approximately SEK 2,500 billion in assets. ERV is a wholly owned subsidiary via ERGO, and is thereby the internal specialist in travel insurance.

GWS’s Products

GWS provides a mobile-based personal security service for private individuals as well as for companies. GWS’s service is available in different versions depending upon the target audience:

Aimed at the consumer market (private individuals). The Safeture app for individuals is available for Android and iPhone platforms. Safeture gives the user the possibility, via a “Track Me Now” function, to allow persons to follow the user’s position virtually. Safeture additionally contains an automatic translation option with local information and alerts in 90 different languages, along with several other features.

Safeture Business Solution
Aimed at the corporate market. The Safeture Business Solution includes two security tools: The Safeture Pro app and the Safeture Instant Security Overview (ISO) system. The app ensures personal security for the employee user. The ISO system gives the company’s security personnel a platform for accessing real-time information and data about the person traveling. Via Safeture Instant Security Overview access is provided to a patented positioning technology (for locating of the traveller), the possibility to communicate directly with the traveller, as well as access to specific data and statistics regarding the traveller and the area he/she is in.

About GWS Production AB and Safeture

GWS, Global Warning System, was founded in 2009, triggered by the experience with a global SARS epidemic, the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and the Mumbai terror attacks. The company offers a mobile device based, personal security service Safeture, in order to protect the traveller by real-time tracking and providing valuable real-time information about disasters and other threats that could impact on the traveller. The system consists of a range of services that are delivered via the traveller’s mobile phone and is provided to both businesses – Safeture Pro, and to private individuals – Safeture.

The GWS share is listed on NASDAQ First North Stockholm. Sedermera Fondkommission is the Certified Adviser.
For additional information on the service, visit or contact CEO Andreas Rodman, +46 (0) 708 – 10 13 16, e-mail:

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