More Dangerous Places in the World, but Also Some Safer Ones

Since last year, it has become significantly more dangerous to travel to several places in the world. The ongoing conflict in the Middle East means the risk level is critical. At the same time, countries such as Australia, Finland, Barbados and Sudan have become safer.

Safeture, a technical platform for people risk management, and Riskline, a risk intelligence company, have jointly developed next year’s risk map worldwide. Based on a very comprehensive data set processed by Riskline’s team of analysts.

The map clearly shows which areas of the world will be risky to travel to in 2024, both for business travelers and tourists.

The risk level is a compilation of factors such as security, crime, health risks, and access to medical care.

Countries with armed conflicts are obviously the most dangerous to travel to. However, unrest often occurs along a border, so the level of risk within a country can differ depending on where you are.

Safeture’s risk map therefore, describes not only countries but also regions within the country. A good example is the tourist country of Mexico, where, although there is always a precise level of risk, it is very much influenced by where you are in the country.

Different parts of Asia and North Africa are the world’s most troubled areas, while Europe is still the safest continent despite the war in Ukraine.

However, when comparing the 2024 risk map with last year, the situation in several countries has improved and risks have decreased. These countries include Mauritius, Rwanda, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, in addition to those already mentioned. However, all these countries still have a lot of challenges to be considered completely risk-free.

This year, the map also lists ten countries to avoid for safety reasons and the ten most dangerous cities in the world. Several of them appear on all the lists, which means taking special measures, such as implementing a risk management tool if you still need to travel there is necessary.


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