Safeture Partners with Safehotels Hotel Security Certification

Today Safeture announced a partnership with Sweden-based Safehotels to provide users of Safeture’s software platform with flagged locations of certified hotels around the world.

Since 2001, Safehotels independently verifies world-class standards of safety, security, and now Covid hygiene for business, conference, and leisure hotels, with certified hotels in over 170 cities and more than 65 countries. The certification standard consists of over 270 safety and security elements within six sections relating to hotel property walkthrough, process, procedures and training, security equipment, fire equipment, fire procedures, and crisis management.

This partnership is a new, complementary, value-added service provided within the Safeture platform to existing and new Safeture customers.
With the integration in the platform, it is easy for any user to book a safer hotel and also simplifies for companies to protect their most important asset, their employees.

“Our new partnership with Safeture will be a win/win for hotels that are Safehotels Certified and the travelers who enjoy them,” said Joachim Törngård, CEO of Safehotels. 

“ +3500 companies that use Safeture can now have the additional preference of choosing a hotel independently verified each year by Safehotels”.

“Teaming up with Safehotels to ensure our users have the latest high-quality information in hotel security, to keep the employees safe,” said Magnus Hultman, CEO of Safeture. 

“We are constantly searching for partnerships to keep our open platform offerings on the cutting edge.”
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For additional information, visit or contact:
Safeture CEO Magnus Hultman: +46 706 00 81 66.

About Safeture AB
Safeture (founded in 2009) is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company based in Sweden.
The company offers a complete cloud-based platform designed to manage employee safety and risk/crisis management. Through world-leading technology and innovative solutions, Safeture helps companies and organizations to protect what matters most – their employees. Safeture corporations the ability to effectively automate safety and security while seamlessly integrating the software to become a natural part of their internal processes.
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