12 03, 2020

Safeture strengthens the sales organization

2020-03-12T16:21:38+01:0012 March, 2020|Press Releases|

Safeture in Lund continues to expand its operations rapidly. The recruitment of Jens Guldbrand, Adam Warren, Martin Wijlens and Ross Valizadeh is part of Safeture´s focus on increasing sales and is significantly strengthened the sales organization in the European market. Safeture is an international SaaS company offering a complete cloud-based platform designed to manage [...]

6 03, 2020

Safeture offers coronavirus exposure tracking tool to companies for free

2020-03-06T16:22:18+01:006 March, 2020|Press Releases|

Safeture AB today said it is offering its employee safety software to any company looking to track the potential exposure of their workers to the coronavirus now impacting countries around the world. Identifying which employees have been in high-risk areas is critical to effectively containing the spread of the sickness. Starting now, any company, [...]

28 02, 2020

Safeture AB scale-up continues, +38,9% growth

2020-02-28T08:20:08+01:0028 February, 2020|Regulatory Press Releases|

Safeture employee safety platform continues its momentum in a globalized world with increased insecurity and risk awareness among companies and employees. A new all-time high with more than 2.500 companies and with users in 190 countries benefits from the Safeture range of products and services. Conclusions Increasing awareness of corporate duty-of-care for employees drives [...]

28 02, 2020

Safeture signs agreement for SEK10m working capital facility

2020-02-28T08:03:29+01:0028 February, 2020|Regulatory Press Releases|

Safeture AB (publ) today announced it has signed an agreement with the investment company Adma Förvaltnings AB, Safeture’s largest shareholder, for a credit facility of up to SEK 10 million. The financing will be used to pursue Safeture’s aggressive growth strategy. “Safeture’s employee-safety platform is gaining momentum globaly as companies continue to understand their [...]

27 02, 2020

A unique service launched today to protect employees and organizations from Corona’s global spread

2020-02-27T17:35:01+01:0027 February, 2020|Press Releases|

Press release Lund 200227 Safeture launches today a world-first Coronavirus exposure tracker for companies that, in real-time, correlates each employee’s travel patterns with the latest Covid-19 reported cases. The tool tracks daily Corona exposure into 5000 global subregions and in real-time checks with your employee's historical, current, and future locations using both real-time GPS [...]

10 01, 2020

Kommuniké från extra bolagsstämma den 10 januari 2020 i Safeture AB

2020-01-10T15:54:09+01:0010 January, 2020|Regulatory Press Releases|

Idag, den 10 januari 2020,  hölls extra bolagsstämma i Safeture AB. Nedan följer en sammanfattning av de beslut som fattades. Samtliga beslut fattades med erforderlig majoritet. Nyval av ordinarie styrelseledamöter. Stämman beslöt att välja Pontus Kristiansson och Christian Lindgren som ordinarie ledamöter i Safeture AB. Pontus Kristiansson, född 1971, har en MSc Engineering examen från [...]

20 12, 2019

Invitation to an Extra General Meeting of Safeture AB (publ) jan 2020

2019-12-20T13:07:08+01:0020 December, 2019|Regulatory Press Releases|

The shareholders of Safeture AB (publ), 556776-4674, are hereby given notice of an Extra General Meeting of Shareholders to be held on Friday 10th January 2020 at 10.00 a.m. (Sweden time). Location: the office of Safeture AB at Ideon Gateway, Scheelevägen 27, 223 63 Lund.   The complete invitation is published on investor.safeture.com   For [...]

29 11, 2019

Safeture AB (publ) publishes interim report for third (3) quarter 2019

2019-11-29T08:35:54+01:0029 November, 2019|Regulatory Press Releases|

 Summary of interim Report “Parent company” or “Safeture”, comprises of Safeture AB with company number 556776-4674, without subsidiaries. “The Group” comprises the Parent company, including subsidiaries. On September 30, 2019, the Parent company owned 100% of the shares in GWS Production (Singapore) Pte Ltd, 99,99% of the shares in GWS do Brasil Solucões e [...]

18 11, 2019

Safetures valberedning utsedd

2019-11-18T17:54:37+01:0018 November, 2019|Regulatory Press Releases|

Valberedningen i Safeture AB inför nästa årsstämma är nu konstituerad med följande personer: Greg Dingizian samt Lars Lidgren (största aktieägare) samt Semmy Rülf (styrelsens ordförande). Semmy Rülf är valberedningens ordförande. Valberedningens nästa möte är planerat till den 14 januari. För ytterligare information, vänligen kontakta ordförande i Safetures styrelse: Semmy Rülf +46-709 312 730 Om Safeture [...]