Quo Vadis: travel technology/personalization/CX

I have just returned from TTE London = Travel & Technology Exhibition,leading travel management event and all things travel, which took place in UK’s capital last week.
Clearly well attended, usual suspects like Amadeus or Sabre, or the ‘newer/cool kids’ like Uber – btw. did you know, that Uber already have about 4,000 employees globally, across 37 countries? Impressive.
You know how it is at these events – you have your company stand, talk to people, network, connect, educate yourself – this time, we had a joint initiative/stand with our Warrington/Manchester, UK based partner,, who provide insights into travel company data sources, having in-depth knowledge of travel industry and main challenges of a travel manager., is another company I had a good chat with, with their market manager Jerry Eriksson, company ‘listens’ to social media carefully and thus provides a social data intelligence for your company – Luxembourg based and interesting alternative to, who are another well-established social media monitoring player.
CTO question time – panel session,  which was time well-spent, as you get four different answers/points of view (in this case) to the same question and get someinstant food for thought, provided by David Allison,, Francesco De Marchis, Low Cost Hotels, Alan French, Thomas Cook and Dag Skage, Norwegian AS.
Alan French, Thomas Cook, was talking about a challenge of actually putting a long-term platform into a travel company as its technology is so fast-changing and provided some parallels with retail industry., is a content engagement provider, global content management and language translation vendor with a promise of advanced digital experience – interesting company, with over 20 years of history, sometimes perhaps making slightly challenging to comprehend, where their focus is, as their subject matter coverage is becoming quite broad and complex and it might be a tall order to address them all concurrently.
One overarching theme across the event would be CX (customer experience)/Personalization and CL (customer loyalty) as an optimal result.
Majority of companies presenting at the event would pretty much be oscillating around CX – different aspects of the journey and it is very interesting to observe all the various approaches to this objective – happy and loyal customer – and safe, from GWS point of view, as and end goal.
CTO of Thomas Cook highlighted the need for bite-sized, agile projects where results are actually measurable – which is important to emphasize again, in times of Big Data/Analytics projects omnipresent, however ROI not always so easy to calculate.
All in all, travel is a very dynamic industry, people being quite open and willing to share – considering the pace of travel technology change, there will be many exciting developments to follow, so that ultimately CX/CL is achieved.
Bruno Polach
Picture: Pedro Szekely, Flickr