GWS Launches Safeture Enterprise for Large Corporations

Changes its name to Safeture AB to reflect the importance of its IT platform

GWS Production AB ((ticker: GWS) today announced Safeture Enterprise, a new offering and a complete cloud-based IT platform designed to safeguard employees wherever they are. To reflect its product and ambition, GWS plans to change its name to Safeture AB, with a new ticker, SFTR, after the annual general meeting on May 29.
A central part of GWS’s ambition is to evolve its product offering around customers’ needs. Safety and security are critical, and large corporations are tasked with safeguarding their employees whether it is at the office or while on the road traveling. Introducing Safeture Enterprise gives larger corporations the ability to effectively automate safety and security, while seamlessly integrating the software to become a natural part of their internal processes.

The new Safeture Enterprise platform is a complete and cloud-based service to manage risk, safety and crises processes involving employees. The platform has a vast number of functions and components that can be used off-the-shelf, such as mobile apps, travel tracking, flight updates, global real time alerts, e-learning, bulk messaging, country and medical information, all in the same tool. But this is also an open platform, which allows clients to adopt specific internal processes and integrate it with external suppliers, such as assistance providers or other software, including internal employment databases or intranets.

The proven Safeture TRM (Travel Risk Management) software is a part of the Enterprise product and is also available separately for smaller companies. The TRM software has been popular with many customers for years and remains at the heart of the Safeture platform. It is often a starting point for a new customer, before they evolve to use other tools, now available in the Enterprise platform. 

“Large corporatations face a tremendous task in ensuring their workers’ safety and security, and the processes today are often ineffective and cumbersome. Our Safeture Enterprise IT platform is easy to integrate and uses automation to improve quality and efficiency, reflecting customers’ true needs,” said Andreas Rodman, CEO of GWS.
“Our new holistic Safeture Enterprise platform is at the heart of our company and our vision of a safe future, so it only makes sense to change our name when we announce the product,” he continued. “With the platform in place and a strong financial position, I look forward to continued progress in the coming years.”
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GWS CEO Andreas Rodman: +46 (0) 708 – 10 13 16.
About GWS Production AB and Safeture®
GWS, Global Warning System, was founded in 2009, triggered by the experience with a global SARS epidemic, the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and the Mumbai terror attacks 2008. The company offers a unique security platform: Safeture, which is the new, complete way to take control of employee safety with a state-of-the-art technology. The GWS share is listed on NASDAQ First North Stockholm (ticker: GWS). Erik Penser Bank AB is the Certified Adviser. Ph: +46 8-463 83 00 E-mail: