Directed share issue

The Board of GWS Production AB has decided on a directed share issue subject to shareholder approval

The Board of GWS Production AB (“GWS”) has decided on a directed share issue of SEK 6,914,692.80 to Emirates Advanced Investment Trading LLC (“EAI”) in order to acquire GWS a new shareholder of strategic importance for the company. The decision is conditioned on the approval of a supplementary shareholders’ meeting on 13 October 2014. In addition, it is proposed that the supplementary shareholders’ meeting also resolve to elect a representative from EAI to the Board. Notice of the shareholders’ meeting is being publicised through a special press release.
The Board decided, subject to approval at the supplemental shareholders’ meeting, on a directed share issue of SEK 6,914,692.80 at a price of SEK 7.20 per unit (consisting of one share and one gratuitous warrant of series TO 2), i.e., according to the same conditions as in the rights issue listing (but a new series of warrants that are not intended for trading).
The issue is directed to Emirates Advanced Investment Trading LLC, part of Emirates Advanced Investment Group in the UAE, which is an Abu Dhabi-based investment and business development company focused on creating and implementing investment opportunities within both the local and international markets. At present, EAI conducts business within the sectors of information and telecommunications, health and social care, defence and security, aviation and firefighting. EAI has not previously owned any shares in GWS. The reason for deviating from the shareholders’ preferential rights is to acquire GWS a new long-term shareholder of strategic importance for the company, and thereby further the company’s opportunities to create additional value for all shareholders. GWS is in discussions about working with the new owner to develop new markets with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa for the Arabic-speaking part of the world.
The issue, subject to approval at the supplemental shareholders’ meeting, comprises 960,374 shares and 960,374 warrants of series TO 2, and initially increases the company’s share capital by SEK 76,829.92. Following the issue, the share capital will amount to SEK 845,129.12 and the number of shares will be 10,564,114. The directed issue of shares and warrants will result in an initial dilution of approximately 9.1 %, considering the newly issued shares from the rights issue listing. In the event that all warrants issued to EAI are utilised, the share capital will increase by SEK 76,892.92 and the number of shares by 960,374.
Each warrant entitles the holder to the subscription of one new share in the company at a price of SEK 7.20 – 10.80 per share. The subscription price amounts (within the range) to 70 per cent of the volume-weighted average price of shares according to First North’s official statistics during the period of 20 trading days, ending two business days before the period of utilisation begins. GWS will publish the subscription price on the day before the first day of the utilisation period. Subscription of shares under warrants may take place during the period 18 November-9 December 2015. The newly issued warrants of series TO 2 are not intended for trading on First North.
“We have for some time been involved in a dialogue regarding cooperation with EAI, and they indicated early on that they were interested in pursuing a closer partnership. When, during the discussion, they also expressed interest in directly investing in GWS, we had already decided on allocation in the public issue. Through this solution, we can cater to the many new stakeholders who subscribed, while at the same time providing ourselves a good opportunity to build up business in a new market with a local partner, something that will benefit all shareholders,” says Andreas Rodman, CEO, GWS Production AB.
Certified Adviser
Sedermera Fondkommission is Certified Adviser to the company in connection with the planned listing on First North.
For further information please contact CEO Andreas Rodman, +46 (0)708-10 13 16 or 

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