Global Warning System Announces Listing on NASDAQ

Trading on First North at NASDAQ Stockholm commences October 15, 2014
Lund, Sweden, (PRNEWSWIRE) October 15, 2014 – Global Warning System (GWS), a mobile-based personal security service that helps protect employees and individuals when traveling abroad, announced today that its common stock will now begin trading on First North at NASDAQ Stockholm under the symbol GWS. GWS was founded in 2009, following a series of natural disasters and security threats, including the SARS epidemic, the Indian Ocean tsunami and terrorist attacks in Mumbai. GWS helps companies meet their obligation to assure that employees and their families are protected when traveling on business.

“Listing to NASDAQ represents a significant milestone for Global Warning System, as it will enhance our visibility and provide access to a broader investor base during an important period of growth for our company,” said Andreas Rodman, CEO of GWS.  “In today’s globalized business environment, and with the current Ebola epidemic, there has never been a more critical need for companies to protect their employees and for individuals to protect themselves while traveling abroad. We believe GWS is well positioned to meet this growing need.”

Business travel is once again on the rise as the global economy rebounds from the Great Recession. GWS utilizes unique geo-positioning technology, real-time information tracking on disasters and other threats, and proven risk mitigation strategies, to help protect employees, family members, and individuals who are stationed or traveling in unfamiliar surroundings.

About Global Warning System (GWS)
Global Warning System provides mobile-based security services to companies, and consumers for the protection of employees, family members and individuals who are traveling abroad.  The company offers mobile positioning technology, early warning intelligence and contingency management systems to help safeguard individuals against disease outbreaks, terrorist attacks, natural disasters and other potential threats. The company was founded in 2009, triggered by the SARS epidemic, the Indian Ocean tsunami and the Mumbai terrorist attacks, where early warning systems could have reduced casualties and provided critical assistance to foreign travelers.  For more information, visit:

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