Rio 2016: New Safeture app release helps people to stay safe during the Games

  • Real-time security alerts straight to your phone 24/7
  • Relevant Security information for the Games on one app in 9 languages
  • Keep track of your family and friends who also have Safeture
  • Locations of hospitals and medical facilities, arenas and public transportation in Rio
  • The first 10,000 users who download or activate Safeture on site in Rio will receive the new app for free during the Games

Lund, June 21 2016 – The next big sports event in Brazil is coming up: Rio de Janeiro, where the sports event will take place between August 5th and 21st 2016, is one of the most exciting cities in the world with its vivid culture, beautiful landscape and sunny weather. To enable visitors to enjoy the upcoming event to the fullest, the Swedish company Global Warning System (GWS) is releasing a new version of their mobile-based warning, communication and tracking system Safeture for the games in Rio. Safeture is a personal security solution that helps protect travelers and keeps people connected with family, friends and colleagues while traveling. The Safeture app provides travelers with real-time warnings, alerts and useful facts about security, safety and health threats as well as SOS response numbers for local countries. The first 10,000 travelers and sports enthusiasts who download or activate Safeture on site in Rio will receive the app for free for the duration of the games.

Aspects to keep in mind when traveling to Rio
5.7 million tickets have been offered for sale so far, for various competitions from archery to weightlifting, 350.000 – 500.000 international visitors are expected. Especially those of them, who have never been to Latin America before, might wonder if there are certain aspects to be concerned about. There are reports saying that Brazil is the second hardest hit region by the Zika virus. Moreover, unstable political conditions, violence in some parts of Rio de Janeiro, water pollution and the worldwide terror threat might alert visitors. However, the last thing that visitors, inhabitants and athletes in Rio will need is an environment of fear and worries. For that reason, GWS is offering the Safeture app with Rio-specific content.

“Travel can be more wonderful and exciting than just about anything. But there are times when you should be watchful. We want to let you enjoy exploring and discovering. Safeture will be there with the information you need. We will send real-time, geo-localized information to you if something happens where you are. We let you keep track of the location of friends and family – both those accompanying you and those at home. You can travel. We will keep watch”, says Andreas Rodman, CEO of GWS

Rio Specific Content
To make sure that Safeture users can rely on the most up-to-date information when visiting the games in Rio, GWS has added city-specific information to the “region information” section of Brazil in the Safeture app. For example, you can find an overview of the current situation in Rio, information regarding terror threats, crime, civil unrest You can also find information about medical issues such as Zika, info on medical facilities and general tips about traveling in Rio de Janeiro. Incidents affecting the city of Rio de Janeiro will be updated 24/7 to give people as much time as possible to react to a potential hazard.

“In preparations for the games in Rio, we have put together a dedicated monitoring group consisting of professional analysts that will keep a close eye on everything that unfolds before, during and in the aftermath of the event. If something unexpected occurs, GWS app users will be the first to know and they will be professionally advised on how to act,” says Johan Tinnerholm, COO at Safeture.

Availability of Safeture during the Games
Users can download Safeture on the Apple App Store or Google Play. GWS will offer the service for free to the first 10,000 people who download the app in Rio de Janeiro during the games.

How Safeture works
Some key features of the Safeture app:

  • Local news wherever you are: Automatically tracking user’s location and providing real-time SMS-alerts about local incidents
  • Direct Push Notifications: Giving timely warnings against threats at or near the user’s location
  • Share your position: Incorporating a safe journey function that lets users share their position with relatives and friends, and invite them to track their path and make sure they arrive safely
  • Walk me home: users can alert friends and family and give them a real-time trail of the user’s movements.
  • Automatic Translation: Messages and regional information text can be translated in 90 different languages
  • Additional Emergency Information: Providing accurate and updated security information and local emergency phone numbers

About Safeture
Safeture is the first global mobile app to comprehensively address the growing need globally for location-based, quick and relevant security information. Safeture is a service that provides crucial and location-based safety information. The app combines mobile communication- and positioning technology with a comprehensive system for monitoring security-related incidents.
About GWS
Global Warning System Production (listed on NASDAQ OMX First North Stockholm as “GWS”) is a Swedish-founded security company. GWS is providing a proprietary mobile-based personal security service, directly or via partners, to companies and individuals in need of safety information to protect employees and/or themselves when travelling. Sedermera Fondkommission is the company’s Certified Adviser.

Press contacts

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