Safeture for private individuals now also available for Android users

GWS Production AB (GWS) is launching version 1.1 of the Safeture app for private individuals internationally at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. An Android version of Safeture is being launched at the same time. Safeture 1.1 for private individuals is therefore now available for both the Android and iPhone platforms. Safeture is a personal mobile-based safety service that provides users with information and updates in real time about events that may affect a person’s travel plans and safety. 
Today GWS is introducing version 1.1 of its Safeture app to the international private market, at the same time that it is launching an Android version of the Safeture app. The new version, version 1.1, gives users the opportunity to allow loved ones to virtually monitor the user’s position via the “Track Me Now” feature. Users can choose which people can follow them from the phone’s contact list. The new version 1.1 also includes an automatic translation option for local information and alerts for 90 different languages.

“We recently launched Safeture for iPhone on the Swedish market, and it feels great to be able to follow up this quickly with an upgraded version, version 1.1, while making the service available to all Android users. Safeture is unique in that this type of personalized information service was previously only available to employees of large companies,” says Andreas Rodman, CEO, GWS Production AB.

About Safeture for the private market
The unique Safeture app provides geopositioned safety information in real time that enables users to avoid danger. Safeture quickly delivers local information about natural disasters, terrorist attacks, civil unrest, epidemic outbreaks, traffic incidents and other threats encountered by international travelers. The consumer app gathers information from 196 countries and thousands of sources around the clock. The information is reviewed and assessed around the clock by GWS experts, after which relevant information is distributed to users. Safeture gives users access to accurate, up-to-date information about local events, at the same time that the app enables employers, colleagues and family to follow and communicate with the user. The app includes relevant emergency numbers in all countries and connects the user to the proper authorities at the push of a button, while automatically displaying the address of the user’s current location. The app is free to use for a one-month trial, after which users may choose from different payment models.
The Safeture app is downloadable for all iPhone users and Android users at
Information delivered through the traveler’s mobile phone:

  • Track Me Now feature – sharing the traveler’s position with family and friends, which can be displayed in real time on a map in their Safeture apps. – NEW
  • Automatic translation option of safety warnings and country information for 90 different languages. – NEW
  • Country information is sent as soon as the user arrives in a new country. This includes current safety-related information about the country, including emergency numbers, the latest threats and incidents, risk classifications, and general background information.
  • Safety warnings are sent when an incident occurs that may have significance for the safety of the traveler. These messages are color-coded and contain important information about what happened and how to act.
  • Text message communication specifically designed to make it possible to communicate in damaged or congested mobile networks.
  • SOS numbers are readily available for immediate contact with local emergency numbers and – for enterprise customers – immediate contact with the internal security organization.

The GWS share is listed on NASDAQ OMX First North Stockholm. Sedermera Fondkommission is the company’s Certified Adviser.
For further information please see or contact CEO Andreas Rodman, +46 (0)708 10 13 16 or