Safeture as an investment

Here is why you should invest in Safeture.

Our vision

Our vision is to save lives and prevent harm by making risk, safety, and security information available to users at the right time, no matter where they are. We will achieve this by providing the best platform and content that enables the implementation of risk, safety, and security processes and the distribution of reliable information to individuals and organizations.

Financial targets

Average sales growth of at least 30% (year-on-year).

Continuously improved margins from current level to above 80%

Continuous growth of ARR with the aim to be profitable at an ARR of 65 MSEK.

What is Safeture?

Safeture is a Swedish Software as a Service (SaaS) company with headquarters in Lund that has developed a technically advanced cloud-based platform in the area of People Risk Management.

Our customers are service companies that delivers medical and/or security assistance to organizations that value the safety of their people. Our customers handles worldwide crisis response 24/7 and mitigates risks through a network of specialists worldwide. Safeture’s technological platform, together with our customers, are the leading system for taking care of People Risk Management. Approximately 80% of the turnover comes from customers in Europe, 15% in the USA and 5% in Southeast Asia, and of the turnover, over 90% is recurring income in the form of license income and with a very low degree of customer loss (churn) of between 1-2%.

Currently, 3,900 end customers, with employees in 190 countries, use the Safeture Platform. It helps our customers to work preventively and proactively when managing risks for the end customers’ employees, regardless of whether it is the management team, business travelers, posted consultants, workshop employees or employees who work part of their time from home. In the event of an unexpected incident, Safeture is the technological platform that empowers assistance providers to safeguard people and ultimately support companies’ Duty of care.

With the help of the technology in the platform, the service companies can work preventively and proactively to prevent and manage any risks for the end customers’ employees, regardless of whether it is the management team, business travelers, posted consultants, workshop employees, or employees who work part of their time from home. If an unexpected event occurs, Safeture is the platform that secures the employee and helps the company with its employer’s responsibility.

The team

The technological development takes place at the headquarters in Lund, where the management team is also based. In addition to the office in Sweden, Safeture also has sales teams in the Netherlands, UK and Germany. In total, the company has approximately 35 employees.

Our CEO, Magnus Hultman, took office in August 2019 with strong credentials from scaling SaaS companies globally and Chairman of the Board, Flemming Breinholt, took office in June 2021 with extensive experience from leading international companies.

The road ahead

The market for People Risk Management is growing as the knowledge-based economy increases in value. Furthermore, the Covid-19 pandemic created completely new conditions for employees to work outside the traditional office. The growing "remote workforce" makes it increasingly difficult for employers to ensure the safety of their people, which drives an increased demand for technology in the area.

The security and medical assistance service providers today have insufficient technology to be able to manage the mobility of the customers’ workforce and have a great need to get a technical solution such as Safeture’s platform in place. Our goal is to become a world-leading platform supplier to these service companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Safeture is a Swedish SaaS company specializing in innovative technical solutions for a partner working in the field of medical or security assistance and running their own GSOC (Global Security Operations Centers). Safeture provides the tech and helps the partner to focus on their core business: to handle safety and risk management for the clients.  Safeture’s world-leading platform helps our partners save time and money in their business solutions.  Safeture’s mission is to build strong relationships with partners and enable them to enhance personal safety and security for individuals, businesses, and organizations. Our primary focus is leveraging technology to provide our partners with a decision tool for information, communication, and locations to help their clients people stay safe and make informed decisions.  Safeture’s financial goal is to grow with both existing partners and new partners by focusing on developing what the market needs and effectively utilizing our own resources.  People risk management  The Safeture user-friendly platform helps our partners to improve any organization’s security by correlating risk and location data for informed decisions and targeted communication and protecting what matters the most: Their people.   Safeture helps partners prioritize the safety of individuals by offering features like location tracking, emergency alerts, and communication tools that allow users to reach out for help or assistance when needed quickly.
Safeture’s goal in our partner strategy is to become the leading standalone technology platform for partners helping organizations manage people’s security. By offering the platform with different assistance partners, we can ensure global protection for all people in various organizations.  To achieve this, we need to create strong partnerships with leading players in the market while continuing to develop our technical solution.
For an organization to remain attractive to engaging employees, it must have tools to meet the requirements and expectations of duty of care. Safeture’s technical solution is an excellent platform for communicating, informing, and locating employees in the event of a severe situation but also for preventing crises.  This means an organization can more easily make well-informed decisions and create a long-term approach to personal safety.
Our employees are Safeture’s most important resource. Therefore, we have a well-functioning recruitment system building a corporate culture that builds long-term engagement and employees who want to develop within the company.  Our culture is based on three values: Creative, Reliable and Friendly.  We value reliability and take great pride in our work because we are entrusted with the responsibility of helping people stay safe.   We value creativity and encourage our employees to think differently, find new solutions and challenge the status quo.   We value kindness. Be kind and helpful to your colleagues, partners and customers by listening and showing respect.
Our technology platform enables our partners to efficiently locate all clients people and prioritize those in need of assistance. With this solution, our partners can easily and swiftly communicate with individuals or groups and provide them with accurate information on how to proceed.
Safeture’s platform is an important support both in daily events and in acute crises. The platform helps a traveler stay updated on possible flight delays and disruptions due to severe weather but also in life-threatening situations where every second counts.  In the context of the war in Ukraine, for example, Safeture’s technical solution has been used several times to evacuate people and bring them to safety. The positioning of people allows them to be guided on safe routes, while it is easy to communicate with them and provide them with updated information.  Also during the unrest in Sudan, Safeture’s platform was used to quickly and efficiently get people to safety.
Being a small technically advanced company from Sweden is a big advantage. It shows that we are independent and not relying on any organization or government. We are also easy to work with, due to quick decision-making and an agile organization that can focus on what we do best. We continue a long Swedish tradition of technical expertise and world-leading data development. Our approach is personal, and our team ensures new partners are quickly onboarded. Since our headquarters are located in Sweden, we have a long understanding of how important the employee is for successful business. Security mindset and personal integrity are natural for a Swedish company.
Through our global network of partners, we have access to all markets and can continue to develop our technical solutions according to their different needs.   We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by having a proven solution built to easily integrate into any of a partner’s current solutions and suppliers.  Together with our assistance partners, we offer a complete duty of care solution, covering the whole process from incident to confirmed safety.  Among the highest usage rates in the market.  Intuitive interfaces – the web portal and the mobile app.
Managing the duty of care for all employees, wherever they are, requires a technical solution along with the services offered by an assistance company. Safeture has partnered up with the best security and medical assistance companies. Our security and medical partners offer strategic and operational support solutions for People Risk Management. They can handle worldwide crisis response 24/7 and help organizations and their people mitigate medical risks through a network of specialists worldwide. Cooperations with Safeture enable a complete solution for clients and create more business, thus more revenue.
Safeture has developed a platform that seamlessly integrates with other programs, making it a convenient part of your daily work routine. Users can easily get started with Safeture’s solution with a simple interface and advanced features. Thanks to constant development, the platform is always at the forefront of technology, giving it an edge over other solutions. Furthermore, we analyze user behavior regularly, allowing us to address any requests or concerns quickly.
The challenge is that each partner has a different set of circumstances. Some work only in medical assistance, others with security assistance and some both. Some partners have clients in specific geographical areas or specific industries or government agencies. By carefully analyzing and understanding our partners’ needs, we can build scalable solutions that also increase our partners’ self-service capabilities. Tools that make it easy to get started with less customization from Safeture.
There are big differences in the world in terms of security and protecting employees. In countries such as the US and much of Europe, there is a long history of clear security thinking with developed procedures for company operations and staff. Changes in working methods during the pandemic created an increased need to be able to contact, inform, and locate employees even when they were not working in the office. Also, after the pandemic, remote work is common, which requires effective technical solutions for employee safety. A series of ongoing unrest in the world affects the need to make correct decisions quickly and get a swift overview of what is happening. At the same time, employees are increasingly demanding access to functioning safety nets when working outside the office. In the future, an employer who does not have an elaborate solution for duty of care may find it challenging to attract qualified workers. In addition, there is an increasingly comprehensive legal system to protect employees regardless of their location. Awareness of Safeture among our target groups is good. Despite being a small company compared to many others, we have positioned our technical solution as the best on the market. This is reflected in recurring inquiries from large international companies through our strong partners.