Safeture as an investment

Here is why you should invest in Safeture.

Our vision

Our vision is to save lives and prevent harm by making risk, safety, and security information available to users at the right time, no matter where they are. We will achieve this by providing the best platform and content that enables the implementation of risk, safety, and security processes and the distribution of reliable information to individuals and organizations.

Financial targets

Average sales growth of at least 30% (year-on-year).

Continuously improved margins from current level to above 80%

Continuous growth of ARR with the aim to be profitable at an ARR of 65 MSEK.

What is Safeture?

Safeture is a Swedish Software as a Service (SaaS) company with headquarters in Lund that has developed a technically advanced cloud-based platform in the area of People Risk Management.

Our customers are service companies that delivers medical and/or security assistance to organizations that value the safety of their people. Our customers handles worldwide crisis response 24/7 and mitigates risks through a network of specialists worldwide. Safeture’s technological platform, together with our customers, are the leading system for taking care of People Risk Management. Approximately 80% of the turnover comes from customers in Europe, 15% in the USA and 5% in Southeast Asia, and of the turnover, over 90% is recurring income in the form of license income and with a very low degree of customer loss (churn) of between 1-2%.

Currently, 3,900 end customers, with employees in 190 countries, use the Safeture Platform. It helps our customers to work preventively and proactively when managing risks for the end customers’ employees, regardless of whether it is the management team, business travelers, posted consultants, workshop employees or employees who work part of their time from home. In the event of an unexpected incident, Safeture is the technological platform that empowers assistance providers to safeguard people and ultimately support companies’ Duty of care.

With the help of the technology in the platform, the service companies can work preventively and proactively to prevent and manage any risks for the end customers’ employees, regardless of whether it is the management team, business travelers, posted consultants, workshop employees, or employees who work part of their time from home. If an unexpected event occurs, Safeture is the platform that secures the employee and helps the company with its employer’s responsibility.

The team

The technological development takes place at the headquarters in Lund, where the management team is also based. In addition to the office in Sweden, Safeture also has sales teams in the Netherlands, UK and Germany. In total, the company has approximately 35 employees.

Our CEO, Magnus Hultman, took office in August 2019 with strong credentials from scaling SaaS companies globally and Chairman of the Board, Flemming Breinholt, took office in June 2021 with extensive experience from leading international companies.

The road ahead

The market for People Risk Management is growing as the knowledge-based economy increases in value. Furthermore, the Covid-19 pandemic created completely new conditions for employees to work outside the traditional office. The growing "remote workforce" makes it increasingly difficult for employers to ensure the safety of their people, which drives an increased demand for technology in the area.

The security and medical assistance service providers today have insufficient technology to be able to manage the mobility of the customers’ workforce and have a great need to get a technical solution such as Safeture’s platform in place. Our goal is to become a world-leading platform supplier to these service companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Safeture, we focus on providing organizations with the best safety management solutions through technology. We share our expertise in people risk management in meetings at events, lectures, and training materials like the free book: “Everything you should know about travel management.” By positioning ourselves as a knowledge-based company, we can confidently assist our partners and their customers in fulfilling their Duty of Care. This not only enhances our credibility as a security company but also creates new connections.
A prerequisite for our continued success is that we establish collaborations with partners that allow us to grow. This means that we carefully analyze each opportunity for a new collaboration and the development potential of the potential partner. This may include which markets the partner works in and the size of this, the type of customers they serve, their technological maturity, what their business solution looks like and their ability to manage their customers’ needs. It is important to find partners who are dedicated to selling their assistance together with Safeture’s technical solution. We work primarily with partners with a GSOC (Global Security Operation Center) and are involved in medical or security assistance. Together with our partner, we can offer customers a complete solution for managing their people. Our partners’ customers are usually larger global companies, both service and manufacturing, with operations in several countries. They have identified a need to protect their employees wherever they are and are well aware of the Duty of Care regulations. Customers also include authorities and organizations that also work in many countries.
From experience, we have seen the greatest need for the Safeture platform among organizations with many employees who travel. The perception of vulnerability is stronger when you are far from the head office. At the same time, there is a growing realization among organizations that other employees also need to be covered by protection in order to be able to act quickly if something happens and more easily get normal operations up and running after an event. The platform is scalable for all organizations, and because our partners have different focuses, no areas are excluded. The maturity of the customer’s organization determines the business opportunity.
By offering reliable and user-friendly technology in a Software-as-a-service platform, our partners can digitize and make their assistance services to clients more effective and efficient. Increase the value of their assistance services to their clients and expand the addressable market for their assistance service offering beyond travelers to all employees of clients.
The European market is historically our most important and will continue to be central. Here is legislation on duty-of-care that is largely common and clear when it comes to companies’ responsibility for their employees. We also have several strong partners who have good opportunities to grow and an internal sales organization that can provide support. The American market is another obvious target; we have a long list of major American customers and important partners. We also see an increased interest in South America and have already made several breakthroughs in Australia. We are a global company that today has partners with customers in more than 190 countries, which means that we are already adapted to quickly scale up the business when demand increases.
Our success in the German market is largely due to the high level of concern German companies have for the safety and protection of their employees, which we confidently provide. Our platform efficiently handles personal privacy and GDPR, which is of utmost importance to us. We have a well-documented process for managing sensitive data, instilling confidence in both employers and employees that their personal information is well-protected. Safeture is a knowledgeable resource for building security solutions that provide maximum protection. Our on-site team is competent and familiar with the German market, making us well-equipped to conduct business in German-speaking countries.
The US market currently accounts for about 12 percent of Safeture’s turnover and has great potential but requires significant effort and determination to succeed. Investing directly would consume a large portion of our resources, so we have opted to work with established partners in the American market, allowing us to continue growing in other regions. Our ambition in the US is to grow together with our partners and invest in a local presence when needed to further support our partners. Although this approach may take longer, it enables us to meet expectations on the platform. We are already experiencing positive outcomes from these partnerships with several exciting American partner clients.
The success in Asia and especially in Australia, shows that our partner strategy is working. We have a solution that is critical to the success of our partners by enabling them to offer their customers the best technology platform on the market. Our partners are also able to do business in markets where we don’t have a presence or office, which is an important demonstration of how we have managed to transfer the sales process to partners.
Our key growth targets are defined by how much Safeture’s revenue increases in relation to TAM (Total Available Market) and SAM (Serviceable Available Market) and our total market share.  In a growing market for people risk management, Safeture should be a driver with a realistic growth target.  Today, we reach around half a million users through our partnerships and direct customers. We see an opportunity for a significant increase with an interim target of 12 million through new and existing partners with a rapidly growing servable addressable market (SAM) of 58 million users. The reason for this optimism is that our existing assistance companies and upcoming partners are expanding their market by offering assistance coverage to a larger share of employees, not only frequent travelers and top management.  The issue of people risk management is increasingly important in many companies and will in the future be one of the highest priorities, in our view.
Handling data privacy is crucial to protect individuals’ personal information and comply with data protection regulations. At Safeture we handle data privacy effectively: 1) Data Minimization: We only collect and retain data that is necessary for the purpose for which it was collected. 2) Consent: We obtain clear and informed consent from individuals before collecting their data. 3) Data Encryption: We use strong encryption methods to protect data both in transit and at rest. This includes using encryption for emails, databases, and any storage devices. 4) Access Control: Limit access to sensitive data to only those who need it for their job roles. 5) Regular Audits and Assessments: We conduct regular security audits and privacy impact assessments to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities and risks. 6) Data Retention Policies: We have established clear data retention policies that specify how long data will be kept and when it will be deleted. 7) Incident Response Plan: Safeture has developed a well-defined incident response plan to address data breaches or privacy incidents promptly and effectively. 8) Safeture is of course compliant with Regulations such as GDPR in Europe or CCPA in California.
In order to remain innovative in our product development, Safeture employs various strategies. Our top priority is customer satisfaction, which we achieve by understanding and addressing their needs. Through agile development methods, we can make quick adjustments to market changes through incremental and iterative processes. We foster a culture of innovation, continuous updates, and risk management to ensure our long-term relevance. We are also developing the platform as a self-service for our partners by making it easy to add users or update data in the platform, for example.
Our business is being influenced by several key trends and emerging technologies in the coming years: Data analytics and artificial intelligence are transforming risk assessment and mitigation. Predictive analytics can help identify potential risks, while AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants enhance support and communication during emergencies. The rise of remote work and virtual meetings has reduced the need for some business travel, impacting the travel risk management landscape. Companies must adapt their policies and services accordingly and have an action plan for people working from home och shared office in the city. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of health and pandemic risk management. Climate-related risks, such as extreme weather events, affect more people than ever. Companies are incorporating climate risk assessments and sustainability considerations into their people risk management strategies. Cybersecurity threats are a growing concern with increased reliance on digital platforms for travel booking and communication. Companies must prioritize cybersecurity measures to protect employees’ data. Legal requirements around duty of care for employees are evolving. Companies need to ensure they comply with regulations related to people’s safety and security. People risk management is becoming more personalized, with companies tailoring risk assessments and recommendations based on individual profiles and preferences. Political, economic, and social instabilities in various regions are impacting risk. Companies need to stay informed about geopolitical developments and adjust plans accordingly. Advanced communication platforms and mobile apps such as the Safetures platform enable real-time updates and notifications to employees, enhancing their ability to respond to changing circumstances.