Stay safe during the Games

The world’s eyes are to a great extent focused on Rio the Janeiro and the fantastic event that soon is to take place there. Media all around the world is monitoring the Games, and a lot of people will go to Rio and be a part of what’s happening there the coming month. Here are some last minute travel tips:
 Don’t leave home without Safeture
Download Safeture on the Apple App Store or Google Play. GWS will offer the service for free to the first 10,000 people who download the app in Rio de Janeiro during the Games.
 Rio Specific Content in GWS’ Safeture service
To make sure that Safeture users can rely on the most up-to-date information when visiting the games in Rio, GWS has added city-specific information to the “region information” section of Brazil in the Safeture app. For example, you can find an overview of the current situation in Rio, information regarding terror threats, crime and civil unrest. You can also find information about medical issues such as Zika, info on medical facilities and general tips about traveling in Rio de Janeiro. Incidents affecting the city of Rio de Janeiro will be updated 24/7 to give people as much time as possible to react to a potential hazard.
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