Overall goals

 To grow rapidly and establish a leading position globally
 To establishing GWS product, Safeture PRO – Business Solution, as the first choice for all Security Officers
 To establish channels globally for GWS product, Safeture for consumers
 To create a long-term value for GWS owners as a result that partly generates dividends to the owners and partly generates funds for continued innovative development of the company.
Vision & Goal

Our vision is to save lives by making early warning information available wherever users are. We will achieve this by being world-leading in distributing reliable safety and security-related information to individuals and organizations in real time.

Sales and strategy

GWS global sales strategy is to reach B2B and B2B2C customers through partner sales. Appropriate local and global partners in Security, Telecom, Travel Insurance, Travel Booking and Congress / Event vertices are also processed to provide attractive user experience to end customers in travel safety. During 2015/2016, GWS has signed a number of important agreements in all vertices.

The business models that apply are different depending on what suits the vertical and behavior of the segment. Examples of models used are revenue sharing or volume sales of licenses primarily to partners targeting consumers. The service is included either in a partner’s offer or sold as a separate additional service.  We additionally offer the possibility of customer customization of the service, such as content, functionality or brand customization.

Research and Development

Research and development is a priority area for GWS. We continuously invest in research and development in order to maintain our technical leadership. Thanks to close cooperation with our customers, our products are continuously developed, marketed and customized. The knowledge base we create is channelled into our research and development, resulting in new solutions and features that both increase the positive customer experience and create a greater threshold for our competitors.