There’s an app for that! Duty-of-Care and business travel

Security risks are an ever present factor when you travel. After the latest’s terror attacks in Europe many are understandably worried. Depending on where you travel natural disasters, crime and diseases are also a cause for concern, and business travelers are no exception. Still, global business travel is currently a $1.2 trillion market, and it is expected to reach $1.6 trillion by 2020.
While the sector continues to grow, business travel is changing. Risk management is increasingly becoming an integral part of many companies travel preparations. Not surprisingly – protecting your employees is a priority for many businesses.
Duty of Care is at the heart of this, but what does that actually mean for business owners and security management?
It’s about having a preparedness plan. To ensure you know where your employees are while abroad, and that feel safe when in unfamiliar locations.
However, while many companies acknowledge this need for travel risk management, it doesn’t always translate into actual policy. A staggering 41 % of HR professionals in a recent survey responded that their company does not have a corporate travel policy which include a risk management strategy.  58 % said that the most popular tool for conducting risk assessments is Google and other online searches. Additionally, 41 % of the business travelers stated that they found it difficult to obtain advice on security risks from their company.
In today’s world, travelers need to know about the unexpected to stay safe. Providing your employees with the right information can help companies with their duty of care. Improving how prepared your business is the next step, and GWS aims to make business travel safer with our patent travel security system.
Safeture Pro, created by GWS, is a personal travel security service, which provides critical information directly to a traveler’s smartphone. The app delivers real-time alerts based on users’ actual location, and notifications provide local information to help travelers stay safe while abroad. The app combined with our management system can help fulfil your duty of care requirements for your traveling or overseas workforce.
/Lotta Herz